Monday, May 14, 2007

Toujours en France

Hi all - love you too!

My new job is crazy, I'm sooooooo busy I don't know where to begin with I have another cup of tea and a biscuit.

Cold Feet refers to the 90s comedy drama about 3 sets of 30 somethings. I've got into watching it on DVD and it's still feet are only actually cold at night - so I wear socks most nights.

I'm off to Brittany for 3 days on Wednesday and am getting more and more excited......wish it could be longer......

I promise I'll put some pictures up soon as my blog is starting to get a bit boring........

Friday, May 04, 2007

Flowers in the window

No post for ages but I haven't dropped off the planet....but I've not been that busy either just a bit uninspired any way i'll do a quick 60sec update on what I've been upto since March and if you wanna know more ask in a comment? (Hows that for a shameless plug to get comments and feel like I have friends!?) -10s....meetings....rhubarb cake.....boring book....Little Miss Sunshine....weekend in France....

Thursday, March 22, 2007

yo yo yo....

If you don't already know about it have a look at the link to stuff on my cat it's simple, amusing and very cute!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Neither a borrower nor a lender be.....

....but maybe there is nothing wrong with lent?!

Thank you Bea for pointing me in the direction of the BBC lent talks. I've just read the first two one on Jesus' temptation in the desert and one on Jesus in the temple. Cherie Booth is doing one this afternoon on Radio 4 but I'll wait 'til I can read it I think.....

I've posted this not because I think they are really that superior or works of extreme theological genius it's just that I really hate reading Christian books, or listening to sermons and some articles and things I read I just think people need to get over themselves. These just seem refreshing, easy to read/understand bits of writing. I know they're a bit long - but if you trust me once you get reading you should enjoy them too!

Friday, February 02, 2007


I hope this isn't too big headed of me but I thought I'd quite like to put up the newsletter I did for our church this month....
....okay so to get a proper feel of the whole concept, see last months too....

Monday, January 22, 2007

flippin' 'eck...

Last night I saw
Imogen Heap in concert in Oxford. Not only was it way better than I thought it could be considering before I went I wouldn't have said I was a fan as such but it was inspiring, entertaining and humbling. The woman is a musical genius! She didn't just sing along to a load of pre-recorded backing tracks, she created every sound in every song right in front of you. She mixed, clicked, clapped, played keys, sang, beat-boxed, twirled and drank tea right there on stage in the New Theatre Oxford.

...see this bit from an interview just to get an idea of the womans tenacity....

"Describe the production of the track Hide and Seek. It is an unusual arrangement, and really seems to have struck a chord with your fans."
"That's the one that took the least amount of time, out of the whole record. In the beginning that annoyed me, that everyone loved the one I did in one day. The one that took me weeks and weeks wasn't anyone's favorite.
I did Hide and Seek the day my computer blew up on me. I was putting in a card, and the powerboard went down. I was really irritated that I couldn't do anything that day, because I had just bought it. I had learned a lesson on my last record, never to leave the studio on a downer. Try to do something creative before you leave.
Hide and Seek was basically like that. I didn't want to leave with a bad feeling so I picked up my harmonizer and played my keyboard and recorded it on my Mini-Disc recorder.
From the moment I put fingers to keys, and voice to harmonizer, the song just appeared. 4 ½ minutes later, there was the structure, the harmony, and the melody. Not the lyrics, though, I always add those later.

As I was doing it, I got very excited. It's never ever happened like that before. The only song it was like that for was Sleep, the last song on my first record.
Then I spent about 4 days trying to figure out what the hell I played. It was all one performance, not tracked vocals.

As you say, people really seem to have an affinity for it. I think because it doesn't really have a relationship to any genre. It's not Pop, its not Rock, its not Electronic. You can't really say you don't listen to that kind of music. It's actually a bit like a hymn. "

Monday, January 15, 2007

Woo hoo it's Monday.....

......look I'm trying! I'm not actually massivley excited that it is Monday but I'm trying!

Gig dates for this month include:

24/01 - Imogen Heap, Oxford

Gig dates for next month include:

19/02 - Matt Willis (excuse is I'm taking 2 teenage girls and it's difficult to find gigs that let in u18s) Bristol
21/02 - Little Man Tate, Bristol
28/02 - The Fratellis, Birmingham

Nothing booked in from March to June yet....but the Scissior Sisters is planned for July in Manchester!